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Lincoln Mold Company - Exclusive Distributor of the Betty Bailey Originals Molds


Issue 2 - May 1, 2001

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 Lincoln Mold Newsletter


Come visit our web site and browse through our patterns!  We
will be bringing our molds to the web store at a future date.

Other features in the works are:
- a gallery of Betty Bailey's artist original porcelain dolls
- a free Fashion Plate dress form pattern for you to download
- a special how-to article on creating wigs

Come see us at: http://lincoln-mold.com


Please feel free to send us any ideas, suggestions, or requests
for our web site.  The more useful it is to you, the more others
will like it as well.

We'd like to ask a favor of you, too.  Would you tell your doll-
making friends about www.lincoln-mold.com?  We'd be honored if
you would!


If you are reading this, but it was forwarded to you and you
would like to know more about Lincoln Mold Company or Betty
Bailey Originals, please visit http://lincoln-mold.com and

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, and for your
interest in our patterns and molds!

Dan Bailey

Lincoln Mold Company
2554 Mansfield Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

voice: 515-266-6432
fax: 775-628-9185

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Lincoln Mold Company
2554 Mansfield Drive, Ste 1
Des Moines, Iowa 50317
voice: 515-266-6432
fax: 775-628-9185

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