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Lincoln Mold Company - Exclusive Distributor of the Betty Bailey Originals Molds


Issue 7- October 26, 2001

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 Lincoln Mold Newsletter
 Issue 7    Oct 26, 2001

  The Gallery is now open!!  Please come and see our latest
  addition to lincoln-mold.com!


  Now through the end of the year, we are having a 30% off mold
  sale.  Visit our store and click on the two new sections for
  great savings:  Fashion Plate Molds and Front Porch Molds.  All
  mold prices have been lowered to the 30% off amount, and will
  revert back to their regular price on January 1, 2002.


  The Gallery has pictures of our molds in it right now, and we're
  planning to organize the pattern categories as well.  We'll let
  you know when that's been done.

  We have another beautiful dress pattern well underway right now,
  and hope to make that available to you soon.  This will be for
  our Fashion Plate Collection.

  We're also getting ready to move to a faster server.  You may not
  see the difference, but we hope you do!  There may be some down
  time during this changeover, but we hope to keep that to a bare


  Please feel free to send us any ideas, suggestions, or requests
  for our web site.  The more useful it is to you, the more
  others will like it as well.

  Thank you for helping to make www.lincoln-mold.com a success!
  We are being noticed, and you're helping!  Please continue to
  tell your doll-making friends about us.

  If you have a doll-related website, and are interested in exchanging
  links with us, please write us.


  If this was forwarded to you by a friend, and you would like to
  know more about Lincoln Mold Company or Betty Bailey Originals,
  please visit http://lincoln-mold.com and subscribe!

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, and for your
interest in our patterns and molds!

Dan Bailey

Lincoln Mold Company
2554 Mansfield Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

voice: 515-266-6432
fax: 775-628-9185

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Lincoln Mold Company
2554 Mansfield Drive, Ste 1
Des Moines, Iowa 50317
voice: 515-266-6432
fax: 775-628-9185

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