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Issue 20- November 1, 2005

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Lincoln Mold Newsletter
Issue 20- November 1, 2005

2005 Fall Des Moines Doll, Bear & Toy Sale

If you missed us Colorado, be sure and come see us November 12th, in Des Moines, Iowa, for the 2005 Fall Des Moines Doll, Bear & Toy Sale, at the State Fairgrounds Tourism Building, East 30th & University Ave.


A Three Part Series

Part 3


If you Missed Part 1 & Part 2
See our Newsletter Archives for
Issue 18 and Issue 19

Now the wig is ready for the fun part. First you will cover the ugly wig cap with a layer of mohair similar to the first covering. It will be a little bit thicker though and finished to show through. Only the middle part may be visible on the finished wig.

Line up the mohair just as you did before. Always use as little mohair as possible. But use just enough to cover what is underneath. To much mohair will end in a wiggy unnatural look on the finished doll. Give the switch of mohair a good brushing to make it smooth.

Line it up at the sewing machine needle, Shorten the stitch to around Use matching thread. Lower the presser foot and while holding the threads back with one hand run the machine 3 revolutions. Raise the presser foot and lower the needle all the way down and push the mohair against the needle so there will be a little more mohair bunched up at the beginning of the part. The mohair should measure across the same length of the part in the finished wig. Adjust width at this and hold the mohair down on both sides and feed it through as you stitch across. Tie off the threads. Pull any thread ends under so they won’t show on the finished wig.  

Brush the hair together on the back end of the part.

Trim the mohair just long enough to extend around the edge of the wig cap underneath. Spread a little glue close to the edge of the wig cap.  

Keep the glue off the long wefts of hair. Spread a very thin line of glue on the middle part extending it to the porcelain forehead. Place the mohair part on the wig cap in the proper place. The front of the wig cap should be covered with the part.

Spread the trimmed edges of the piece down to the glue line and press it in place with your fingers. Leave it to dry.

Tie the switch in a pony tail. Secure the string to the wig cap with thread and needle so that it will stay where you want it.  
At this point the possibilities are endless. Study some of the Victorian hair styles to get ideas for your doll. The hair style should coordinate with the time period of the clothing.  
You may either arrange the pony tail in an arrangement or cut it off, making room for a styled hair piece to be applied.

The two styles were made by braiding a separate piece and stitched on with needle and thread. The ends were trimmed and tucked under.


Curls are made by wetting a small amount of mohair and wrapping it around a knitting needle and allowed to dry. Curls are strung on a thread and sewn into the hair.  

Separate hair piece applied

Click here for highlights of the
2005 Colorado Doll & Bear Extravaganza

Click here for more images of the new 17 inch Lady Marion.

Now available Lady Marion 17

Molds for our brand new Lady Marion 17 inch doll are now available. She has a porcelain head and upper body. that ends just below the bust. She has a shapely cloth body and full porcelain arms that can also be cut off just below the elbow for using half arms and a wire armature.Her legs are porcelain up to just above the knee. Her shoes were sculpted smooth except for the shoe soles. Her shoes may be painted on in any style

Lady Marion is wearing a 1912 Rose's Boarding Suit from Betty Bailey's New Fall Collection of Patterns "The Titanic Era Collection". Click here to see the entire collection.


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